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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the scandal involving a supervisor, drugs and the state treasurer just took another unexpected turn. nadia announced her resignation as supervisor and gave a bizarre interview where she requested music to be played in the background. listen in. >> i loved being supervisor. and i think i did a hell of a job.
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>> she's married to state treasurer bill lockyer. she entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction and following a sex scandal which she claims she was assaulted in a hotel room by an ex-boyfriend. from sex scandals to allegations of domestic abuse, several bay area politicians have found themselves surrounded by controversy. and in some cases the scandals have ended careers. but others have survived. monty francis has that part of the story. >> reporter: we talked to two experts, both agreed that in nadia's case, mistakes were made along the way. >> i don't like to say the word victim. >> reporter: political science professor melissa michaelson
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says the tearful resignation does not endear her to constituents but it could preclude her from running from office again. >> she's not accepting responsibility and that hurts politicians. it's just so drama, the music and the tearfulness. >> reporter: also, michaelson says there's a double standard when it comes to sex scandals. >> when a woman commits a sex scandal, the public is just a lot less forgiving. >> reporter: gavin newsom survived a sex scandal and is thriving. public relations specialist sam singer says there's a reason for that. >> he had an affair with an aide's wife. he admitted to a drinking problem. he did that up front. he signed himself into rehab, got better. he's lieutenant governor today and he's got a great career in front of him. >> everything you've heard and read is true. >> reporter: in contrast to newsom who admitted the
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accusations within 24 hours, singer points to the sheriff as someone who mishandled his scandal and is likely to lose his job because of it. >> he's too little too late. the time to fight that battle is when he first got accused of man handling his wife. after he pled guilty, now he's trying to tell everybody he's innocent? >> reporter: or the state assembly woman convicted of shoplifting or a governor who fathered a child outside of your marriage, both singer and michaelson say the principle to surviving if scandal is the same. >> the best thing to do if you're an elected official is to face up to the news media, admit your mistakes and move on. >> the reaction allows voters to see what kind of person this is. it's not just the scandal itself of the financial impro pryty, it's they got caught, how are they reacting?
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>> reporter: in addition to how you react to a scandal, the other important factor is the reservoir of support you have from constituents. in newsom's case, that was there for him and helped him weather his scandal. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and now to another scandal involving the secret service and prostitutes. a senator is asking whether other american officials may have been involved. six agents have been fired and hundreds interviewed. but in a video posted on facebook, senator chuck grassley is calling for a broader investigation. he wants hotel records checked for white house advance staff and communications personnel who were in colombia at the time of the scandal. >> i've always said that if heads don't roll, then the culture of a federal agency will never change. >> i have no reason to believe, i do not know otherwise that
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the -- this did not involve anything but the agents and the military personnel. >> 11 members of the u.s. military are reportedly under investigation for misconduct in colombia, as well. the u.s. army has another investigation on its hands, whether troops in afghanistan are using illegal drugs, including heroin. newly released information shows the army has investigated 56 soldiers in afghanistan in the past two years on suspicion of using or distributing heroin, morphine and other opiates. during that same time, eight soldiers reportedly died of drug overdoses. afghanistan is a major source for opium, producing 90% of the world's supply. dozens of boats sailed out into the day for a memorial flotil flotilla. the san francisco yacht club organized the service. many people lowered flowers and wreaths into the water before
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returning to their harbors and the san francisco fire department, as you see there, also participated. it was one week ago today the sailors were swept overboard. one body was recovered but four crew members are still missing. search and rescue teams gathered in the hills of sap that clara county looking for this 15-year-old. the sheriff's office organized this refined search. about 90 men and women took part, as well as especially trained dogs. in an interview today, the team leader teamed to suggest that new leads led them into the hills. she's been missing for more than five weeks. on the eve of earth day, mother nature heated things up quite a bit, with temperatures well above normal. kimberly terry has more. >> reporter: that's right, this close in one week we've really
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seen it all, rain, wind, lightning and today sunshine and people are not wasting any time getting out to enjoy it. roosevelt park in san jose was packed. >> it's really hot. it was unexpected. >> reporter: the skate park was full, too. temperatures were about 15 degrees above normal throughout the bay area and san jose was one of the hot spots peaking at 90 degrees. >> it was great. i'm all oily and greasy and kind of wet. but it's comfortable. >> beautiful weather. but it's not really that hot. >> this is great weather, for us. >> reporter: great for the majority, but not for everyone, especially allergy sufferers. aler gists say warm temperatures and late season rain has caused a surge in blooms, especially in pine, oak and grass, which could mere a more severe and prolonged
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allergy season. the pollen alert is high for oak, but most people were too busy enjoying the weather to mind. in san jose today, we were just two degrees shy of the record, which was set back in 2009. it was 92 degrees. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> just two years ago. all right, thank you, kimberly. for more on today's highs, we want to check in with rob mayeda. it was, i have to say beautiful. i like the warm weather. >> a nice change from the weather we've seen from the last few weeks. yes, we saw a lot of 90s. san jose, if we could have got up to about 93, that would have been a new record. close, but not quite. some low 90s around here. san francisco, 79 degrees. 83 in oakland. we would have had to reach the low to mid 90s there to break records. it was warm but not record breaking. 72 degrees in san jose. we're starting to see a hint of
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a sea breeze. reaching fairfield right now, winds picking up out of the southwest. here is the reason why things are going to change up come tomorrow. we had that strong ridge of high pressure today. winds continue to pick up off the ocean. we're going to start to see some cooling tomorrow. a chance perhaps of some hill top thunder, maybe north of the north bay early in the week and a big-time drop in temperatures and get ready for some umbrellas. we'll have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob. coming up next at 11:00, a sign of recovery for robin gibbs after spending more than a week in a coma. plus, walmart is accused of serious wrong doing south of the border. we'll explain the $24 million bribery scandal. and the fbi has a major warning. a hacker virus that could take your computer offline this summer. we'll show you to you to prevent
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it from happening to you.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. nabs nancy pelosi was in san francisco today. she visited the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park. the grove is a place where people touched by aids can gather to heal, hope and remember. pelosi helped pass legislation in 1996 that does ignited this as the national aids memorial. >> you have to see the serenity, the look on the faces, the families who have lost a loved one to hiv/aids when they come
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here. the peace it gives them, the resolve it gives them to help in this crusade that is ongoing, until there is a cure. >> in her first speech to congress back in 1987, pelosi said she came to the house to fight aids. we have an update on the health of robin gibbs. tonight, there be reports that the 62-year-old regained consciousness after slipping into a coma. a spokesman says he's able to nod and communicate with his family. the 1970s icon fell into a icon after contracting pneumonia a week ago. this weekend seems to be all about giving back and tomorrow is earth day. thousands across the bay area have been doing all kinds of volunteer work. and today also happens to be comcast cares day. comcast is nbc bay area's parent company. so this morning, members of the nbc bay area team got to work.
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they motivated hundreds of people to roll up their sleeves. laura talked with neil smith about the company's efforts. >> this is the best day in the company and it's wonderful to have our partners out with us. thank you on behalf of comcast. we love giving back to the communities that we work in. we love dreaming big and giving in the form of volunteerism or technology or funding. >> in south san francisco, raj mathai and jeff ranieri there and hundreds of volunteers relandscaped a play ground and did some painting. i had the chance to participate. i was at lafayette elementary school. i had the chance to plant some very nice flowers and clean up in some of the classrooms, as well. there were plenty of earth days going on at cal.
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students showed off a brand new chevy volt. they're selling $50 raffle tickets to a chance to win that car. the money goes to a programyam called the young entrepreneurs. for more information, go to if you want to see some olympic athletes, we have a great option for you. members of the san jose sports authority gathered today to promote the summer olympics. but the olympic trials for gymnastics will happen at the bay area in san jose from june 28 to july 1. there are still tickets available for that. nbc bay area will broadcast the olympics from london and many oh e trials from san jose and other venues, as well. now for a look at what's coming up in sports, we'll check in with mindy from comcast sports. >> great to see you. coming up in sports, the giants
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and mets put on quite a show in the big apple. it came down to a very exciting 9th inning. and the sharks were hit with a bad case of the blues. highlights of game five in s uis, next on the affinity sports desk.
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what a season for the sharks. they had to scrap to even get into the playoffs. when they found themselves facing elimination in the first round, they found that winning grit again. and everything changed in a span of 45 seconds. this do or die for the sharks in game five, taking place in st. louis. the sharks applying pressure the second period. 13 shots on goal and with 45 seconds left, joe thornton gets one in. but the blues get their chance in the third period. jamie langenbrenner pokes it past and the game is tied. just 45 seconds later, on the deflection, david paron puts the blues up by one. the sharks lose 3-1 and brody is with the team and their realization that their season is over. >> and he scores!
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>> reporter: after thousands of hours spent in travel, practices and games since october, san jose's efforts fell short of the highest in expectations. >> a lot of hard work in the summer, all the 82 games, playoffs, preseason, practices, it's all -- it sucks. it's very frustrating. >> it sucks. we had a good group of guys and you want to keep playing. this is the best time of year and hats off to the blues. they played great. but it's a terrible feeling right now. >> it didn't happen. it didn't happen like that. it's just extremely difficult, because definitely had a chance to be different. >> reporter: this entire season, start to finish, was an uphill battle. they had to basically win out their final four games of the regular season just to qualify for the stanley cup playoffs. captain joe thorton told me there was no smooth sailing in this campaign.
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it's just that he and his teammates had hoped for a better fate. in st. louis, brody brazil, nbc bay area sports. >> man's best friend bringing the first pitch to home. in the top of the 9th, giants down two. two on and two out. that should have been the final out. but the mets can't get the out and two runs score. the game is tied. bases loaded in the bottom of the frame. fields the grounder, gets the force at home, the throw to first is off line. his leg was hit as he did the throw. but the winning run comes home. the giants lead the majors with 19 errors and fall 5-4. the a's lost to the indians 5-1. the a's are looking to avoid the
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sweep sunday to the indians. warriors lost, so a tough night for bay area sports teams. >> let's check in with rob mayeda on this crazy hot weather and a huge change coming up? >> complete u turn coming our way. still seeing some 60s and low 70s outside. but starting to see some changes around san francisco. let's show you the golden gate bridge, or what you can see of it. there's not much there right now. the fog clearly moving across the golden gate. because this marine layer is compressed down to the water, patchy, dense fog likely along the coast. we'll see more of that ocean air conditioning cooling us off come tomorrow. back to the temperatures. you can still see 72 degrees there in san jose. close to 70 in concord. winds not too strong. by this time tomorrow night, we'll see the wind speeds picking up as the sea breeze turns stronger and the marine
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air punches in tomorrow. so we'll see some cooling tomorrow, especially for the coast, north bay and peninsula. we see those temperatures start to drop off, even cooler monday and tuesday and then an increasing chance at least of some mountain showers and a good chance of seeing some rain around the bay area wednesday and thursday. for the end of the weekend, not too bad. we have thunder showers east of the sierra. during the day tomorrow, lake county, north of interstate 80 could see cloud buildups. we have this system approaching the coast that is going to start to weaken high pressure. it will bring in the low clouds we're seeing now and maybe mist and drizzle for the morning. brief clearing at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. then the clouds surging back to the coast. temperatures really going to start to drop off. so tonight, mostly 50s, maybe
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60s in the hill tops. the marine layer is still compressed and will take time for that cooling to take effect. no 90s for tomorrow. mid 80s around san jose. but look at these temperaturing dropping off. 60s to low 70s around san francisco. i think you're going to notice that cooldown come monday as we only see highs in the 60s to low 70s after hitting the 90s today. middle part of the week, more clouds and it's going to get chilly again. thursday, rain coming through and 50s and 60s for highs. pretty good timing, though. next weekend should be warming up, not quite as hot as this weekend, but 70s looking pretty good. >> thank you, rob. coming up next, allegations of a huge coverup by walmart. what the company is accused of doing in mexico. plus, burning man has more trouble on his hands and is due to last year's turnout. bay area !
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here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast.
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now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together. the counterculture festival
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known as burning man is dealing with another setback tonight, probation. the bureau of land management put the event on probation because last year it exceeded crowd capacity. that same problem forced organizers to sell a limited number of tickets this year. it's the first time the event has been on probation since moving from san francisco to nevada's black rock desert in 1990. the new york times is reporting a bribery investigation involving walmart and mexico. walmart reportedly up covered hundreds of suspect payments totalling more than $24 million. a former executive told the paper the money was used to bribe officials for building permits all over the country. company leaders halted their internal investigation and never notified authorities in the united states or mexico about the bribes. current executives and board members were along those who knew about the situation and the justice department and s.e.c. are now looking into those allegations.
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the fbi is warning hundreds of thousands of people could lose their internet connection this summer. hackers infected computers worldwide through a scam. but in a highly unusual move, fbi detectives set up a safety net for the public. the problem now is, that system with the safety net is scheduled to be shut down in july. so before that happens, the fbi is urging people to visit a special website that will let you know if you're a victim and how to fix it. that's run by the agency's security partner. we've put that information on our website at all you have to do is search for infected computers and, again, it's once you get there, follow the instructions. checked a couple of my computers, so far so good. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 11:00. we've got "saturday night live"
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